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Asian Journal
Black Voice News

Crossings TV
El Informador del Valle
Inland Empire Community Newspaper
Inland Valley News
Jose FM / Entrevision
KRCA Estrella Media
La Prensa Hispana
La Raza
Mas Musica/El Dorado Broadcasting
Ondas de Vida
Pulso Del Desierto
Que Buena
Radio Inspiracion
Radio Lazer
Radio Raices Cultura
SB American News
Southern California News Group
Westside Story News


Latino Media Collaborative
Voice Media Ventures

UCR Center for Social Innovation


We envision a future where all residents of the Inland Empire—including the nearly 70 percent who are from Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and other communities of color—have their stories told, voices amplified, and issues addressed in a culturally competent manner that promotes equality and dignity for all. 


The mission of the IE Media Roundtable is to coordinate, support, and grow investments in media enterprises, in order to more effectively serve the region’s residents—including the nearly 70 percent who are from Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and other communities of color. The Roundtable will advance this mission through economies of scale and innovation, with a focus on signature events and coordinated strategies on news coverage, fundraising, and advocacy.


The goals of the IE Media Roundtable are as follows:

    1. Increase funding and strengthen the financial viability and stability of media organizations with proven expertise in serving communities of color
    2. Increased coverage of communities of color on all issues, including those that traditionally are not considered to be “ethnic issues” (i.e., education, health, housing, economic development, labor force, and more).
    3. Increases in culturally competent coverage that elevates the expertise and contributions of communities of color, on all issues
    4. Increased recognition of, and financial support for, community-serving media by government agencies, philanthropy, and corporations

Activities / Methods

In its first year, the IE Media Roundtable will focus on the following activities:

    1. Weekly community media briefings that are a one-stop shop for government agencies, corporations, and other entities to access community-serving media in one place, at one time
    2. Editorial endorsement meetings for candidates and ballot propositions
    3. Joint grant applications, with coordinated work plans to effectively reach and serve the region’s diverse residents through proven experience and methods
    4. Special events focused on particular topics, such as vaccine hesitancy, housing insecurity, immigrant integration, and workplace safety


* Note: Nonprofits will not be part of any meetings or decisions involving endorsements or other political activities


In order to advance its mission and goals, the IE Media Roundtable is seeking strategic partnerships with the following entities: 

    1. Community organizations that serve and advocate for historically undercounted and underrepresented communities
    2. Philanthropic entities, including members of the Inland Empire Funders Alliance
    3. Research institutions, including academic and nonacademic, with subject matter expertise and community expertise
    4. Government agencies that serve the residents of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, as well as adjoining areas such as Pomona Valley
    5. State and national media partners seeking to better understand the residents and communities of the Inland Empire